HEY! Our American Cheese Club is open for business! It’s a monthly curation of amazing, American cheeses shipped right to your door!!

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You can find us at 4 San Diego markets: Little Italy, Poway, La Jolla & Hillcrest.

Each market has its own unique weekly email that’s sent out every Friday afternoon.  You’ll receive product lists, special offers and news about upcoming events. How snazzy! Some people say it’s the best email they get all week. Who doesn’t want to see glorious pictures of cheese on a Friday afternoon?  Plus, you can now reserve any cheese from any market by using our Hold The Mold email program.  So… what are you waiting for?

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Little Italy EMAIL LIST – Sat 8-2pm

 La Jolla GENERAL LIST  – Sun 9-2pm

 Hillcrest EMAIL LIST  – Sun 9-2pm



  Smallgoods USA Events  

Cheese Classes


Smallgoods brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, amazing American cheeses and interesting stories to every event.  Our past and ongoing events include: cheese education classes, wine and cheese pairings, beer and cheese pairings, kombucha and cheese pairings and even large-scale festivals; while our clients range from wine bars to breweries, outdoor events, private corporations, and retail establishments.

We will work with you beforehand to plan out the event. This usually involves a tasting where we bring in cheese samples and work with you and your team to match the products up accordingly and script-out a dialogue for the event. Depending on the scope of the event, we bring handouts for your customers or arrange for take-home gift bags of the cheeses that we bring. The day of the event, we’ll show up early to make sure that everything is plated correctly and ready to go and review the plan in detail. Jenny is a 2016 American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional (ACS CCP®). She typically takes charge of the event and leads you through the pairing alongside your specialist who will be talking about your specific offerings. The average event will last for 1 – 2 hours. They’re fun. We don’t approach things too seriously so everyone has a great time and learns a thing or two in the process.

Event Costs: typically, the event is structured as a promotion by your business and for your customers. Jenny, as the cheese professional and instructor for the event, is a hired freelancer. The business pays for the wholesale cost of the cheese, her event fee – which is a combination of a minimum rate plus a percentage of ticket sales above an agreed upon amount. For further information on fees, please contact us directly.


•Drives foot traffic into your business

•Generates cross-merchandising sales

•Generates a new revenue steam

•Attracts returning and new customers

•Enhances sales after the class

•Build on your business’ brand

•Creates a fun environment


La Jolla Open Aire Market

Retail Sales

You can find us at the Little Italy Mercado Saturday’s 8-2, the Poway market Saturday’s 9-1, the La Jolla Open Aire Market Sunday’s 9-2 and the Sunday Hillcrest market from 9-2. It’s best to come early because most of our weekly offerings are sourced in very limited quantities and tend to sell out. Our specialty is small batch, American-only products consisting of cheese, cured meats and patés. Hey, no disrespect to the European cheese gods, but America has more than its fair share of amazing cheeses and we’re delighted to bring them to you.

We take great pride in nurturing our relationships with cheese makers around the country. It seems like every day we find out about something or learn something new that we get excited to bring to the markets. In many cases, our cheeses are ‘first timers’ to Southern California.





 Smallgoods USA San Diego - Cheese and Provisions


We have our catering license for anywhere in the County of San Diego. Whether it be a giant 4000+ attendance event or an intimate party for your best clients, we’re there and determined to raise the culinary bar and have your clients and guests raving about the event for weeks after.  We’ve all been invited to events only to see cubed and dry, nondescript, poorly presented mystery cheese on those tacky, black plastic tray. Seriously – there are better options out there.

Give us a shot and see why our customers come back for more and more.  And it’s not just cheese; we can step up your charcuterie game like you’ve never seen. You’ll impress your party goers and have a great conversation starter too.

Partial client list: The Lodge at Torrey Pines, O’Gara Coach, Lars Remodeling, Mission Brewery, Green Flash, La Jolla BNI, The Rose Wine Bar, Flight Path Wine Bar, Council Brewery, 2Kids Brewing, LJ Crafted Wines, Seaport Oils, Setting Sun Sake and others.


Click on any EMAIL LIST below to add yourself to that market’s e-blast.

Little Italy EMAIL LIST – Sat 8-2pm

 La Jolla GENERAL LIST  – Sun 9-2pm

 Hillcrest EMAIL LIST  – Sun 9-2pm


HEY! Our American Cheese Club is open for business! It’s a monthly curation of amazing, American cheeses shipped right to your door!!

To find out more, click here.